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Quality Policy
The Management of Blue Marine Services is committed to meet or exceed its  customers requirements consistently and reliably in all respects at all times and to  maintain its position as a leading Ship Supplier.    In order to achieve these objectives, we believe that adhering to the Quality  Management System outlined by the Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 provides the  best means of achieving the optimum levels of quality.      To achieve this aim will continually strive to improve effectiveness of Quality  management System through:    Provide a properly resourced, high quality, modern,  customer focused service to  improve customers confidence at the competitive prices with first class services.  Providing timely products and services to their client through improving response  time and services execution cycle.  Ensuring a culture of continuous improvement is developed and embodied  throughout the organisation, supported and encouraged by the management.  Complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.  Continually audit, control and regularly review its management systems, to ensure  they are relevant and contribute to the efficient and reliable operation of the  business. 
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